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I originally thought I would write my second book in about 6 months. I didn’t anticipate that any sort of life outside of the normal would transpire. But life does this every time. You have a timetable in your head, a plan, a vision, a schedule. And what happens? Along the way, in pursuit of what you want, you blow out a tire, you fall in love, you break your toe, you lose a friend. This is life, and we should never expect such a smooth uninterrupted life. But we do.

So, my book took just under two years to finish. You can blame a whole bevy of things, but I am the only real suspect. As a writer you sometimes think you cannot write in a certain state, be it sadness, distraction, ennui, or lethargy. You think that the words must come through a divine means, through some other-worldly revelation. But it is not so. They come when you sit down and write. Norman Mailer said, “Writer’s block is only a failure of the ego.” Normy was right. In fact, I have that quote inscribed with black ink on an ovoid piece of driftwood I found in northern California. But I also think the quote applies to more than just writing. The things we fail to do, the tasks we think we can’t accomplish usually have little real excuse attached to them. The failure is with us. Sometimes it’s with our ego and sometimes it’s with some other deep part of us. But it’s rarely so out of our control and grasp like we want to think it is.

My book is my new born child and I cannot wait to show it off like parents do with endless photographs and cute anecdotes. So though it is not as cute or cuddly or generally wonderful as an infant child, expect me to treat the new work as such.

Return Not Desired is available for purchase at Pioneer Book in Provo, UT, in various boxes in my room, and in paperback and e-book form on Amazon. Please go order it, and then let me know. I would love nothing more than to talk to you and sign your book. You can send me your copy and I will sign it. You can bring your copy to me and I will sign it. Or you can send me the money for a book and I will sign it and send it to wherever you are. Now remember most authors just sign their names. I can’t seem to sign a book without leaving some sort of personalized message, even if I don’t know you. I always loved yearbook week. It’s starting to make sense now.

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Love, Tay



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